Useful Helper Scripts, Programs, and Zips

  1. MotoACTV Root Tool V2.0.1 (Windows) by ClearD
  2. MotoACTV Easy Modder V1.2 by Jay4255 (Note: Example: use '01' instead of '1' when making selections in the menus)
  3. Link2sd support for MOTOACTV(Windows) by Tineprogramming. Use this to make more internal space so you can install more apps. (Thanks to jay4255 for his bat file)
  4. MotoACTV Sync App For Non-Motorola Phones Android (For Original Firmware-- not really for rooters unless you can switch modes still). This is obsolete, Motorola released a version that works with all brands.
  5. Contacts Fix Zip (Android) by Dproldan; Push these files before flashing google apps to stop force closes and be able to use the market.
  6. MotoACTV Image Flasher V3 (Windows) by ClearD. Use to flash .img files to the ACTV and issue fastboot commands (wipe and reboot).