Useful ADB/Fastboot Commands

There are some ADB commands which can save a device in a pinch.
  • adb reboot: Reboots the device.
  • adb shell stop adbd: Stops the adb server on the MotoACTV to return the device to normal USB Mass Storage mode. This also re-enables MotoCast sync.
  • adb install -s whatever.apk: Installs app to sd card.
  • adb reboot recovery: Reboots the device into recovery mode (clockworkmod, usually).
  • fastboot -w: Wipes the data and cache from the device.
  • adb shell am start -a Gives option on Actv screen to disable USB Debugging (turn off ADB permanently). Note, you can only access this option WITH ADB, so once you turn it off, you can only gain ADB back by reflashing the boot image (generally the 1.6.0 boot image).
  • fastboot oem fb_mode_clear: While in fastboot loop, this command exits the loop and allows your device to reboot normally. (Thanks CEnnis91 and [mbm]!)