Rooting Your MotoACTV On WINDOWS

=======================Things *NOT* to do with your MotoACTV (Read First!)==============

  1. NEVER EVER EVER EVER issue the adb/fastboot commands "adb reboot-bootloader" or "fastboot reboot-bootloader", even though it works on other devices. This will often put your device into a fastboot loop that is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to get out of. The way to exit this loop is:
    A) With the device unplugged, hold START, POWER, VOL UP, VOL DOWN together for 10 seconds at least. You should see the screen flicker on and off twice.
    B) Plug in the USB cable to turn device on.
    C) You should boot back to rom, if not, do it again. It's touchy.
    Use the following command to exit the fastboot loop:
    fastboot oem fb_mode_clear
    after this, you may reboot normally. (Thanks CEnnis91 and [mbm]!)
  2. Never begin flashing ANYTHING unless your device has 60% charge or greater. Try for 100% full charge every time.


The easiest way to root your device is with the MotoACTV Root Tool V2.0.1 by ClearD. Just follow the steps, in order of the numbers. Be sure to have your battery charged to 100% before beginning.

  1. Press the "Flash Boot Image and Root" button. It will ask you to hold volume down + power to boot into fastboot from the device being turned off, and then it will flash the insecure boot image, reboot your actv, then root. If it doesn't work the first time, return to stock, then update your actv in motocast to the latest version (should be 1.7.11 or 1.7.12). Then try again. Bootloader version should be 3.14.
  2. Back up your existing ROM if desired.
  3. All done. You just added the su binaries, the Superuser app, Busybox, and the latest release of the Clockworkmod recovery, by utkanos and CEnnis91.
    external image F100cwmr.JPG

It's as simple as that.

Note: There is an issue with the superuser app regarding the device's screen size. In order to grant superuser permissions to the device, you will need to open the superuser app, press the Menu button, press Permissions, then press Automatic Response, and set to Always Allow. Although not ideal, it will allow you to grant root permissions. Since the MotoACTV has no cellular hardware (can't make calls, can't send texts), it is generally safe to always allow permissions.

And if you mess up, there's always the "Return to Stock" button. :)

If you're really comfortable with rooting and android or if you have any problems after trying the method above see the extended guide to rooting.