List of motoActv ROMs

ClearDroid MotoACTV

Also located at ClearD's site here.

-1.7.10 (same as 1.7.12) base
-Rooted with ChainsDD's SuperUser
-Added packageinstaller
-Changed Key Layout
-1% battery mod
-Mapped power button double tap to "home"
-Added google maps required files
-Added contacts fix (for google services to function properly)
-Added android market + updater (will update to play store by itself)
-Added googleservicesframework to fix the market/sign in issue
-Added Zeam Launcher
-Added WiFi Manager app
-Added Market Search app
-Added Sense4 clockface (Thanks CerealPirate!)
-Added Cell clockface (Thanks Atomiser09!)
-Removed ugly grey bar from pulldown menu
-Added ClearDroid™ Brand wallpaper

Button Mapping:
-Start Button: "Start"
-Music Button: "Menu"
-Power Button (1 Press): "Power"
-Power Button (2 Press): "Home"

Installation instructions:
- Copy rom zip file to ACTV, boot into clockworkmod recovery, wipe data/cache (full wipe) your actv in recovery, select 'Install zip from SDcard' then 'choose zip from sdcard'. Select the ClearDroid zip you copied across previously.

CEnnis91 and Utkanos' Stock Updated Roms

Updated Stock versions of the system roms ready to be modified!

DPRom for MotoACTV

More info here

  • All stock apps and functions work as expected, nothing changes from a stock MotoACTV.
  • All google apps I've tried, Market, GMail, Maps, Talk, etc
  • Live Wallpapers and widgets stay after reboots.
  • LED notifications for Gmail, Email, etc.
  • Wifi stays on. Icon shows in status bar when connected. New!
  • Accelerometer based games and launcher rotation.
  • Enabled settings menus:
    • - Wireless & Network Settings. Where you can turn on/off wifi, add networks, set advanced parameters, etc
    • - Application Settings. Where you can uninstall apps, turn on/off ADB, see battery usage, etc
    • - Accounts & sync settings. Manage accounts for autosync, etc.
    • - Sound Settings. Choose notifications tone, volume, etc
  • Calendar widget and application working.
  • Music button is "menu", double-press power button for "home" or choose a launcher.
  • Battery percentage modded by ClearD. (thanks!)
  • Preferences in most apps are shown black text over white background for easier reading on the MotoACTV.

  • - Search, nowhere. force closes every time. This has never worked.
  • - Audio input for installed apps. This has never worked.
  • - Some Bluetooth profiles are not implemented.
  • - Wifi stays on, but but some times doesn't turn off when you deselect it. turn off/on the MotoACTV if you're in this situation.
  • - MotoCast setup messes up the Accounts and Sync settings, so Motocast needs to be setup after the google account.

  • Google Apps ( GMail, Maps, Talk,)
  • Google Market (crash on search app)
  • Zeam Launcher
  • Boat Browser

Rooting instruction :
(Check on the XDA post for more informations )

The first boot will take a couple of minutes.
  1. Choose the country, language, press "motoactv setup", choose time zone, set hour, set date, press "next", press "profile setup", set your age, select gender, set height, set weight, set primary activity.
  2. *Don't setup the MotoCast things yet, so press "Later".*
  3. Go to Settings, Wireles & Network Settings, turn on wifi and setup up your network.
  4. Go back to the main screen and press the "Music" button (that's the menu button from now on), choose the TALK application and go trough the google account setup. You'll see your talk contacts appear.
  5. Go back to settings, Accounts & Sync, Manage accounts, press your account and disable the calendar sync.
  6. Go back to settings, application settings, manage applications, All,
  7. at the bottom choose Zeam Launcher and press "move to phone"
  8. Choose also Flit keyboard and press "move to phone"
  9. find Calendar and delete its data.
  10. find Calendar Storage and delete its data.
  11. Go back to settings, Accounts & Sync, Manage accounts, press your account and enable the calendar sync. If you don't use the calendar, leave this unselected to avoid a few ForceCloses.
  12. If you want to add your MotoCast ID, go to Settings, Personal Profile, MotoCast ID. The accounts and Sync setting will force close after you setup the MotoCast ID, I'm still working on this.

Remember that double pressing the power button will let you choose the launcher. Some preinstalled programs need a bit of setup to adapt them to the MotoACTV, be sure to use their preferences menu and explore them. Some examples:
  • - In flit keyboard, select first keyboard as "Small Querty", second keyboard as "small number"
  • - In Zeam Launcher, preferences, action bindings, select swype up to "Toggle Full Screen" and swype down as "Expand Notifications". Also in Applications grid, set Columns LandScape completely to the left.
  • - In SuperUser, press the wrench icon to enter preferences, and set "automatic response" to "allow". Otherwise you can have problems to allow apps to use the su function.
  • - In Settings, Wireles & Network Settings, press the music button (menu) select avanced and setup the turn off policy to "when display goes off", press menu button again to save this setting.


  • ROM for MotoACTV with RunKeeper (MODed with ANT+ Heart Rate Sensor support) (2.0+ based on FreeFly ROM)

FleeFly Rom

  • base software 1.7.10
  • 1% battery update (thanks ClearD)
  • Google Apps version gapps-gb-20110828-signed
  • Android Market installed and working except search
  • Market Search installed (thanks Ianas)
  • Ad Free
  • ClockWorkMod Recovery CWM v5.0.2.
  • DPRoldan's resigned Apps
  • Screen DPI set to 100 (makes SU buttons visible and Market work better)