Q: Is rooting the MotoACTV easy?
A: Yes, with the root tool, anyone with a windows machine can do it. The instructions are written so that anyone can understand them if you read them.

Q: Once I root, is there any way to return to stock to send my device back for warranty repair?
A: Yes, the root tool has a "return to stock" button, that will clear your unit's data, and reflash the stock system image, boot image, and recovery image.

Q: Once I root, can I update to the latest updates from motorola?
A: Not without returning to stock via CEnnis91's stock rom or the "Return to Stock" button on the Root Tool.

Q: Can I flash google apps or the android market?
A: Yes, after you push dproldan's contacts fix through adb. After the fix is applied, most of the google apps will work.

Q: How do I flash a Rom in recovery?
A: Download the Rom in .zip format. Plug your ACTV into the computer, then stop ADB with the following command in an ADB command prompt:

adb shell stop adbd

Transfer your rom to the ACTV, which should now be listed under "My Computer" as a USB mass storage device.
Restart your ACTV, then open up an ADB command prompt again and type the following command:

adb reboot recovery

This should reboot your device into Clockworkmod Recovery. Once there, select "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" to clear your device back to factory defaults. Then select "Install Zip From SDCard", then "Choose Zip From SDCard". Select the Rom Zip file that you just downloaded and flash it to your device by selecting "Yes" from the menu that comes up next. If the Rom does not boot, re-try this process. You may need to go into the "Advanced" menu and "Clear Dalvik Cache", but it should be cleared automatically when you wiped data the first time.

Select "Reboot Device" and enjoy your new Rom! :)

Q: How do I switch between the stock launcher and my secondary launcher?
A: When you first start the device, after installing a launcher, you're asked to select which one you want to open when you turn the device on. Pick one, but do NOT set it to "automatically choose this launcher" or whatever the check box says. Now, let it load, and make sure you have one key remapped to "HOME". Once your watch loads, press the home key. The same launcher choice menu will pop up, allowing you to switch launchers at any time.

Q: How do I enable Bluetooth PAN tethering from my phone to my watch?
A: From Saeviomage:

On your WATCH:
Go to settings->general->smartphone setup
Follow the instructions, including any steps that are done on your phone. Ensure that your phone gets the little blue square in the status bar that says the motoactv and phone are connected at the end of the process.

It does not matter if the two disconnect later, you just want to make sure that they connect in the first place.

On your PHONE:
Enable bluetooth tethering.
This is most likely somewhere in your settings menus. On my gnote2, it's a checkbox in settings->wireless and networks->more settings->tethering and portable hotspot.
You do NOT need to install bluetooth PAN for root on your phone. If you cannot find a setting to enable bluetooth tethering, you may need to find an app from the play store to let you do it. Remember - you want to enable sharing your phones internet via bluetooth tethering, NOT connect to a PAN.

On your WATCH:
Install bluetooth PAN for root users.
Start it.
Select your PHONE as the target to tether to.

On your PHONE:
Wait for a message that says something like "bluetooth tethering started", and potentially a status bar symbol (mine is a black bluetooth symbol in a blue square)

On your WATCH:
Start google maps. Note that it says "connection not found" and then works just fine. Many apps will stop at "connection not found" and then go no further, google syncing included.