Button Commands

There are several known button commands you will want to keep close by, in case crap hits the fan.

  • Enter Fastboot: Turn off the device, then hold the Power + Start for 3 seconds to boot the device, and then release them to enter Fastboot mode. Starting at software version 1.7.0, the best button conbination to use is Volume Down + Power, they need to be pushed for about 7 seconds.

  • Exit Fastboot Loop: Hold down Volume Up + Volume Down + Start + Power for around 5 seconds. This will reset the device when in a fastboot loop (device will not exit fastboot, usually occurs after issuing an "adb reboot bootloader" command). An alternative to exiting the fastboot loop is to let your device completely drain its battery, then plug into the AC wall charger (NOT USB) until the device recharges to 100%, then boot into fastboot, flash the modified boot.img, then run "fastboot -w" to wipe the data and cache. The device should then boot right up.

    If this doesn't work, here are instructions from utkanos to exit the loop: unplug and let it sit for 2 minutes with no USB, then plug in usb to turn it on. That will get you back to "ok to program". Hold start, power, vol up, and vol down for about 20-30 seconds, it will turn on and off twice and blink the screen whitish. Just keep those 4 buttons held. Once you powers off the second time, it wont try to turn back on. Unplug usb, then replug usb, and it will boot the rom.
  • Hard Shutdown (aka "battery pull code"): Hold Start + Power for 7 seconds. This will hard-shutdown the device-- similar to holding the power button down on your home PC until it drops the power to it.

    Safe Mode: Hold volume up and volume down and power button all at the same time for about 5 to 7 seconds. If this doesn't work, hold the power button by itself after that for a few more seconds to get it to work. You will see safe mode in the bottom left corner of the screen when it works.